Who Is Jrmar Jefferson?

  • Hello, I'm Jrmar "JJ" Jefferson, but please call me JJ – that's what my friends do. I am honored to announce my candidacy for Congress in Texas's 30th Congressional District. This marks my fourth campaign for Congress and my 15th attempt running for political office, a journey driven by unwavering passion, dedicated leadership, and a deep commitment to community service for a better future for all.

    My Journey: A Testament to Resilience and Perseverance

    My political journey began over a decade ago, defined by both challenging and inspiring moments. It started with my first race in 2014 for the County Board of Supervisors in Sacramento, a formidable challenge that laid the foundation for my political path. Despite the daunting nature of this initial campaign engulfed with betrayal, sabotage, disrespect, and no support, a pivotal encounter profoundly influenced my journey. At a Starbucks, a group of teenagers inspired by my campaign expressed their hope in my leadership. Their words, "Mr. JJ, we are sorry you didn't win, but we will be old enough in the future to vote for you, and we want you to lead the way for us," reignited my passion and commitment to public service. This encouragement from the younger generation reinforced my resolve to tirelessly work towards creating a better future for our community and nation.

    In 2016, I advanced my political career by running as a candidate for U.S. Congress in Sacramento, CA. My experience deepened in 2018 when I became the Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress in Sacramento. During this campaign, I faced a significant personal hurdle. While working as an Uber driver, I survived a hit-and-run incident involving a drunk driver. Despite being injured, I continued my campaign with unwavering determination.

    A second pivotal moment in my life occurred on September 27, 2020, while volunteering for 2 political campaigns "No to Strong Mayor" and "Elect Sean Loloee for City Council District 8". I was involved in an almost life-ending car crash, where I was knocked unconscious. In those harrowing moments, with pain overwhelming me and my head against the ceiling, I prayed to Yah for mercy for myself, my son, and the world. I promised that if I survived, I would fight even harder to make the world a better place. This profound experience has only strengthened my resolve to serve and improve the lives of those in my community and beyond.

    My journey continued with my candidacy as the Democratic nominee for U.S. Congress in East Texas in 2022, as I was actively recruited for the crucial mission of turning East Texas blue, showcasing my ability to connect with diverse voter groups and my dedication to the cause.

    Proven Leadership:

    Field Operations Leader in Sacramento: Successfully led the campaign against the strong mayor initiative.

    2018 Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress in Sacramento, CA: Gaining invaluable experience in the legislative process and community representation.

    2022 Democratic Nominee for U.S. Congress in East Texas: Demonstrating resilience and commitment to public service, and contributing to significant political movements.

    Political Candidacies:

    2014: Candidate for County Board of Supervisors, Sacramento; Candidate for Sacramento City Council, District 8.

    2016: Candidate for County Board of Education, Sacramento; Candidate for Member of the Sacramento Democratic Central Committee; Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 6, Sacramento; Candidate for Mayor of Elk Grove; Delegate for Bernie Sanders.

    2018: Candidate for U.S. Congress, Sacramento.

    2019: Candidate for Assembly District Delegates and Executive Board Representatives of the California Democratic Party.

    2020: Candidate for Mayor of Sacramento.

    2022: Candidate for U.S. Congress, East Texas District 1 & Dallas County Precinct Chair 2034

    2023: Candidate for Mayor of Dallas; Candidate for Dallas County Democratic Chair.

    2024: Candidate for U.S. Congress, District 30.

    About Me:

    Bernie Sanders Delegate, 2016: Gaining insights into national politics and grassroots movements.

    Community Leadership: Former board member of Eye of Sacramento and current Dallas County Democratic Precinct Chair for 3024, leading initiatives that drive meaningful change.

    Director of Philanthropy: In the nonprofit sector, uniting people around common causes and fostering community empowerment.

    Musical Talent: As a singer-songwriter, using music to connect with and inspire a diverse audience.

    My Vision: From Poverty to Prosperity

    I am committed to transforming District 30 into a thriving community where safety, education, and infrastructure are paramount. Envisioning neighborhoods with top-notch schools, smooth roads, and safe sidewalks, I aim to elevate our district from poverty to prosperity.

    My Beliefs:

    Family and Cost of Living: I believe in the fundamental importance of supporting families. The cost of living must be made more affordable to provide a sustainable life for regular people. Constitution and Liberties: I staunchly believe in upholding the Constitution and the liberties it guarantees under the Law of the Land.

    Peace and Global Diplomacy: Favoring diplomacy over conflict, I understand the global impact on local communities. I firmly believe that World War III would have catastrophic effects on the global economy, with profound consequences for local economies and communities. Therefore, I advocate for peaceful resolutions and proactive diplomacy to prevent such conflicts.

    Voting and Civic Participation: Advocating for making Election Day a national holiday to promote widespread civic engagement.

    Faith and Leadership: Guided by my faith in Yah (יה), leading with integrity, compassion, and righteousness.

    My Commitment:

    In my political endeavors, I steadfastly stand for the constitutional rights of every individual, firmly believing in the principles enshrined in our nation's founding documents. My commitment extends beyond mere words; it is rooted in the teachings of our sacred texts and the Constitution, guiding my actions and decisions in the political sphere.

    I am particularly focused on addressing and rectifying issues within the Democratic Party, especially those concerning the treatment and representation of Black, African American, and Negro men and boys. Recognizing the historical and ongoing challenges faced by these communities, I am dedicated to being a voice and advocate for their rights and concerns. My aim is to ensure that policies and party directives are inclusive, equitable, and reflective of the needs of all, particularly those who have been economically disadvantaged or marginalized.

    My dedication also encompasses a broader commitment to families, understanding that the bedrock of any thriving community lies in the strength and well-being of its family units. I am driven to create and support policies that foster family growth, stability, and prosperity, ensuring that every family, regardless of their economic background, has access to opportunities and a fair chance at success.

    In governance, I prioritize transparency and accountability. I believe that dismantling barriers to prosperity requires not only empathetic leadership but also clear, honest, and open communication with the public. As your representative, I pledge to uphold these values, ensuring that every decision made and action taken is in the best interest of the people and reflective of the democratic principles our nation holds dear.

    This commitment to constitutional rights, equity, and transparency is not just a political stance; it is a personal mission, born from both my experiences and my faith. It is a commitment to building a future where every voice is heard, every need is met, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

    Future Goals:

    As your representative, I will work tirelessly for lower taxes, reduced government waste, and fight against corruption, aiming to create abundant opportunities and overcome poverty in our district.

    Join Our Cause: 'In Yah We Trust'

    Join me in this mission for a brighter, more inclusive future. Your support through volunteering, spreading the word, or donating is crucial. Let's unite to create a future where every voice matters, and every dream is achievable. Email info@voteforjj.com to join our cause.

    In closing, I reflect on the profound teaching of Ecclesiastes 12:13: "Fear Yah (יה) and keep its commandments, for this is the whole duty of man." This philosophy is the bedrock of my leadership – characterized by integrity, dedication, and a deep-seated commitment to our community and beyond.

Together United, for Tomorrow!

Join me in this mission for a brighter, more inclusive future. Your support through volunteering, spreading the word, or donating is crucial. Let's unite to create a future where every voice matters, and every dream is achievable.

My Pledge for Improvement

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Fairness In Family Finance Act

The "GOD" Act

Secure The Border Act

Transform District 30 Act

Healthcare Investment Literacy Act

Delma Banks Jr. Voter Access Act

World War III Will Destroy the Economy, Say Yes to Peace Act

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